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Pure For The Future underpins The Datai Langkawi’s commitment to be a sustainable business. It is based on the tenets of a circular economy, which is a move away from the current linear model of take-make-waste through the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. Our sustainability initiatives were the result of a rigorous assessment of the impact of our operations on the environment and are focused on reducing waste which would either end up in a landfill or the sea (thus ending up as pollution) by making it recyclable, upcyclable or returning it back into nature in an organic form.

Objectives & Achievements

Our ambition is to achieve zero waste to the landfill whilst protecting nature and improving the welfare of the local community. Our programme involves recycling and upcycling initiatives, community projects that champion sustainable micro-enterprises and natural produce, guest education programmes that promote ‘green living’, and initiatives to reduce energy and our carbon footprint.


Zero Waste to the Landfill

We’re aiming to achieve Zero Waste to the Landfill through increasing our recycling and upcycling initiatives at The Datai Langkawi. These include: wastewater management; in-house water bottling; banning the use of single-use plastics; transforming food waste into soil for cultivating plants and herbs; and upcycling materials like wax, plastic and glass. Between March 2019 and July 2021: up to 93% of waste has been processed at the resort, 558,540 kg of waste and 90,392 glass bottles have been saved from going to the landfill, 28.1 tonnes of fertiliser compost has been produced from food waste and 10,223 candles have been upcycled. 


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint and energy wastage is an increasing area of focus. We have made inroads on this by significantly reducing waste to the landfill (which contributes towards greenhouse gases). We are also working with EarthCheck, a highly reputable industry body, to identify more ways to effectively measure our footprint and reduce it. From March 2019 to December 2020: 622,414 CO2-e has been prevented from polluting our environment by not sending waste to landfill, and 343,176 KwH of energy has been saved (enough to supply 171 kampung houses for a year). 


Community Outreach

New sustainability initiatives have been introduced within the community as well as support of local culture and heritage through the offering of traditional craft-making activities (e.g. batik workshops), and promoting natural well-being practices (e.g. propolis soap making). In partnership with local NGO, Sahabat Alam Langkawi (SALAM), we nurture micro-businesses and local entrepreneurship, especially with disadvantaged and marginalised members of our extended community. To date, 10 single mothers and other beneficiaries have been provided employment to upcycle reused items, 2 tonnes of clothes, footwear and books have been donated to those in need, and 170 kg of food have been delivered to the needy from our monetary contribution through SALAM.


Guest and Staff Education Programmes

In partnership with the community, we have developed a range of recycling and upcycling activities and workshops for guests to promote ‘green living’. These include recycling candles and natural soap-making, as well as staff programmes to stimulate continuous innovation on our sustainability and conservation initiatives. Between March 2019 and December 2020: 23 workshops with local artisans on craft and sustainable practices were conducted, 200 bars of soap have been upcycled and 247 concrete bricks have been produced from upcycled glass. 



Beach Clean-Ups

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Achieving Zero Waste to the Landfill

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Carbon Emissions Study

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The Four Pillars

Our programme is divided into four pillars,
each supporting the work of a designated NGO and social enterprise partner.

Water Drop on Leaf

To make our business operations sustainable and regenerate the environment and community.

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Dolphin jumping

To conserve coral reefs and marine life, and promote sustainable fishing.

In partnership with

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Great Hornbill in flight

To conserve Langkawi’s wildlife and regenerate the rainforests.

In partnership with

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Children playing at tree

To nurture youth’s appreciation of nature through environmental education.

In partnership with

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