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Adoption Programmes

Choose between our four programmes where all funds go directly towards the sustainability and conservation work of The Datai Pledge, with all proceeds shared equally amongst the four NGO and social enterprise partners:

- Adopt A Dolphin – Partnering with the only marine mammal conservation NGO in Malaysia, MareCet, this programme benefits their long-running conservation project on Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins and Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises within the Langkawi archipelago. 

- Adopt A Hornbill Nesting Box – With the expertise of hornbill conservationist and social enterprise Gaia, habitat restoration can be achieved through the building of artificial nesting boxes to boost the population of Great Hornbills.

- Adopt A Coral – Coral fragments collected from vulnerable reefs are available for adoption before they are rehabilitated at the Coral Nursery (an ex-situ facility to help corals recover) and transplanted back into the sea, either on coral frames or artificial reefs.

- Adopt A Tree – Collected seedlings and saplings donated by the Ministry of Forestry nurtured into trees at the Native Tree Nursery can be adopted and replanted as part of the ongoing reforestation programme.

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Coral Restoration Programme

Research indicates that although Malaysian reefs have a relatively high average level of live coral cover at 40.63%, a decline has been recorded over recent…

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The Four Pillars

Our programme is divided into four pillars,
each supporting the work of a designated NGO and social enterprise partner.

Water Drop on Leaf

To make our business operations sustainable and regenerate the environment and community.

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Dolphin jumping

To conserve coral reefs and marine life, and promote sustainable fishing.

In partnership with

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Great Hornbill in flight

To conserve Langkawi’s wildlife and regenerate the rainforests.

In partnership with

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Children playing at tree

To nurture youth’s appreciation of nature through environmental education.

In partnership with

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