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Supporting Single Mothers

Together with our NGO partner Sahabat Alam Langkawi, we have been able to positively impact a group of women selected for their basic skills in tailoring as well as their creative potential. The aim was to provide them a livelihood through offering real-life skills and economic empowerment via training programmes and buy-back deals made possible by The Datai Pledge. We chose to work with this particular social group as we felt we could make a real impact in the quality of their lives and their standing in society by empowering them financially and personally. Additionally, the evolution of perception born from our training programmes reinforced the direct link between recycling and repurposing goods, and financial profit, helping to make this a more permanent practice. 

The Four Pillars

Our programme is divided into four pillars,
each supporting the work of a designated NGO and social enterprise partner.

Water Drop on Leaf

To make our business operations sustainable and regenerate the environment and community.

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Dolphin jumping

To conserve coral reefs and marine life, and promote sustainable fishing.

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Great Hornbill in flight

To conserve Langkawi’s wildlife and regenerate the rainforests.

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Children playing at tree

To nurture youth’s appreciation of nature through environmental education.

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